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Resources for Supporting Students at Home

Book Quest

Adult Guidance Needed - Low

Send your child on a quest for knowledge! He or she will choose their own path through a list of book options based around our theme "responding to challenges." They will think critically about what they have learned as they answer questions about the texts to complete their quest.


Compare and Contrast - Book to Movie

Adult Guidance Needed - Low

Lots of great books are made into movies! In this activity, children will choose and read a book, then watch the Hollywood adaptation! Along the way, they'll choose and answer prompts that help them think about the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.


Independent Reading Goal-Setting Worksheet

Adult Guidance Needed - Low

Encourage older students to use this form to set, work towards and share goals that will help them build strong reading habits.


Learning Ally DIY Book Club

Adult Guidance Needed - Low


Coming Soon

Featured Audiobooks

Adult Guidance Needed - Low

Motivate your child to read by adding an engaging book from Learning Ally's Featured Audiobooks collection to their bookshelf. (These books can also be found through library lending resources and retail vendors if your child does not have an Audiobook Solution account.)


Write a Friendly Letter

Adult Guidance Needed - Moderate

Help your students stay connected to their friends, family, or community by expressing themselves through a letter.